A Brief Guide to Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean cruises offer over one hundred and twenty seaports around its coastline, making cruises the most varied type of cruise available. You can choose a long trip of one or more months, two weeks, a week or even a shorter trip of three days. You can enjoy a huge conflict of cultures offered by the Mediterranean countries and the seas. The countries you can visit include Egypt, Greece, Italy and Spain.

Around the tranquil sea, you will enjoy the unique sights of each country.

If you want to concentrate on exploring the countries of Morocco, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, you can take the cruises to the Western Mediterranean. While the ports of the Middle East, Turkey, Greece and Croatia will travel to the Eastern Mediterranean cruises. Cruises around the Greek islands, an island cruise that visits Malta and Cyprus and a tour of the northern African nations are among the most popular cruises.

On the journey of the western section, before you travel to the French Riviera, you will visit the cultural hub of Europe in the form of Barcelona. You will also find a sample of the world-famous sherry Manzanilla in Cadiz and the traditional white Andalusian villages of southern Spain. The stunning city of Rome, ancient Pompeii and the inert volcano of Vesuvius attribute such treasures when traveling to the wonderful coast of Italy. The Western Mediterranean also offers the enjoyment of Sardinia and Sicily

Diving southeast to the eastern part, you can enjoy the islands and classical Greece. It is also worth visiting the historic palace of Knossos located on the island of Crete. A Mediterranean East Mediterranean Cruise offers a visit to Jerusalem, a holy city, from the ports of Ashdod and Haifa.

The islands offer stunning views, romantic islands, ancient monuments, great cities, culture and history. You can have a holiday cruise that takes you to most or all of the Mediterranean nations if you want to make a longer trip. Just organize the itinerary with your travel agent and discuss the nations you want to visit.

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