Golden Chariot: Exploring the Mystique of South India

The southern part of India is a famous tourist destination in the country. The scenic locations and magnificent beauty of South India attract many tourists with their exciting charm. If you want to explore the beauty of South India by traveling to a luxury vehicle, then Golden Chariot is the best of the best bets available

From Bangalore to Goa and from Tamil Nadu to Kerala, let's enjoy the charismatic beauty of one of the most visited destinations in the country. Named after the Hampi World Heritage Stone, the luxurious Golden Chariot train has been designed and operated in such a way as to recreate the romance of a past era. One of the best rail trips in the world, this luxurious cruise ship presents the route of some of South India's famous destinations offering two separate routes

The luxurious Golden Chariot is equipped with modern amenities. Facilities include two restaurants, a lounge bar with varied brands of wines and spirits, a fitness center and a well-equipped spa. Train accommodation is also the sign. There are a total of eleven well-stocked buses on the train that are filled with Hoysala and Dravidian architecture to recreate a brilliant and brilliant era of past dynasties that will give you an intimate feel

Golden Chariot Train offers you two enriched routes, that is, its pride South and the Glow of the South. Both routes provide 7 nights and 8 days train journey. Included in the tour is a trip to some of the most luminous and major attractions as well as cultural hubbubs of local sightseeing tours. When the path of South pride crosses the course of the main tourist attractions in the southeastern state of Karnataka, South India's southern South India's journey brings a trip to Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Ponitserry, which begins its journey from Bangalore [19659002] embark on the Golden Chariot not only ensures that you are traveling in the hug of luxury luxury, but you can reveal the most charming aspects of South India. It is said that it is not just the destinations but the journey that counts. With luxurious interiors filled with heritage and luxury and amenities that technology can offer and the money they could buy, this luxury train in India offers one of the most enchanting tours in South India. Carefully designed timetables and expert guides ensure that you will discover real colors of the kaleidoscope that is South India.

Charmed by a Sunset Cruise

The sunset never fails to show the poet, philosopher or desperate romance to us. Wherever we are in the world, the view of the incessant sun always provokes a sense of nostalgia that is stunning and enthusiastic

This is especially true when we experience this glorious view over a quiet and soothing yacht cruise. As the yacht glides gladly into the sea, you can feel yourself preparing carefully for a unique experience that can only bring the sunset to the distant horizon.

A special charter in Dubai can take you to a relaxing sunset cruise. You can escape the bustle of city frenzy. You can enjoy the soothing sound of the waves and the cool wind that blows your hair. With your friends, family or someone special you can enjoy this intimate moment with the sunset together.

Starting from the dawn of Dubai's picturesque marina, a sunset cruise takes you to see the transformation of Dubai's nightlife. The Cayan Tower, with its turbulent glory, and all the other stunning skyscrapers start lighting up as your yacht glides past them.

From the marina, then you will go out to the Dubai coast where you will see a stretch from the pristine white sand beach that shines in the autumn of the sun. In this regard, the iconic Burj Al Arab looks even more magnificent and enthusiastic amidst the skies that slowly turn into warm shades of deep orange and purple

As the yacht takes a cruise around Palm Jumeirah, you can refresh yourself with light beverages on the ship and wait until the gold sun farewell to the day. This nerve moment creates the perfect setting for a cordial marriage proposal or even a passionate kiss for marriage.

Like your cruises from Atlantis The Palm, you can feel the charm in the air. Watch at this landmark resort that boldly faces the Arabian bay. Feel lost with the mythical aura of her homonym, the lost city of Atlantis and the elegance of her Arabic character. Add the charming sunset to this picture and you are in for an enchanting visual celebration

Obviously, you can not let the moment pass you. Discover its beauty and keep it forever. Sunflower photography renders the most amazing images. This is no exception if you have a top-of-the-line DSLR camera or a handy smartphone.

As the day turns completely into night, the cruise ship travels back to the marina and you are sitting there with anxiety about the unique pleasure you have just experienced. As the sun sets the way for a charming Arab night, you can not feel blessed to see such a miracle that only Dubai can offer.

The Ultimate Sailing Vacation: Book a Cruise on a Tall Ship

From the coast of Maine to Key West, from Pacific Northwest to Antarctica, high-boats offer a unique experience. Sailboats of ancient designs have moved goods around the world in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. now enjoy a respectable position in the minds and hearts of modern men and women.

The tall ships received the imagination of the audience in the 70s after they had been demoted in the history books. all alive and conscious during the US Bicentennial of 1976 remember the glorious view of coral ships arriving at New York Harbor beyond the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. Since then, governments all over the world have been holding fleets of tall ships as some kind of naval ambassadors. (19659002) In Maine, owners of the Mary Kay Scooter have been offering windjammer cruises since the 1950s, long before the cruise ship's cruisers passed. Cruises, lasting three to six days, escape from Camden, Maine and explore the islands and coastal passes of Maine. Accommodations in this specially designed shroud include a choice of single, double or triple cabins and a living room with a hot fireplace, offering delicious meals from an experienced chef

Adventure on the High Seas

If you are looking for adventure on the high seas, Liberty Fleet offers a two-week cruise on a dock, a replica of the famous Baltimore 19th-century bedmounts, from Key West, Florida to Boston, Massachusetts in May 2006, with Charleston stop her South Carolina and a possible extra stop at Nantucket or Block Island before you reach your final destination in Boston. Participants can either relax on board or be put into operation as part of the crew, navigation navigation and other naval skills. In the autumn, the ship participates in a series of racing events and short sails that stop at Provincetown, Baltimore, Norfolk, Virginia, Charleston and back to Key West.

For the most adventurous of us, the Europa crust offers a 22-day trip from Argentina to Antarctica and back, with a full-service route with many stops on the road to explore the unique natural environment of this remote area of ​​the world. unusual animal life, volcanic geological formations, advanced ice and geothermal pools

Anyone who loves sailing will find one of these adventures – or a three-day Antarctic tour – the ultimate experience sailing, a trip associated with centuries of maritime history and offering a unique advantage to the world. And these three opportunities represent only a fraction of the many seagoing trips available in every corner of the world.

Tips To Save Money On Cruise Vacations

Getting cruise holidays can be a wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating experience. It turns out beyond any doubt that it is not just the destination but also the journey itself. There are so many activities and fun options you can enjoy and wait in hand and foot. But these holidays can be a bit heavy in the pocket. But you can get a number of discounts and make use of the bids that will put them in an affordable arm for you.

In the case of most travel choices, it is advisable to book your tickets in advance so you can take advantage of discounted rates, but this is not necessary for cruises. In this case, you should try to close your tickets very close to your departure dates. The reason for this is very simple – the ship does not want to ride with empty rooms and cabins. Well, a few days before the departure date, prices are greatly reduced to encourage travelers to book with them.

Room rates are usually based on their size and view. The upper level and the larger rooms are very expensive, but the inner cabins at the lower levels are quite cheap. Reserving these rooms can save you a lot of money. Another silly method to get cheaper rates is to book periods of time out of season. You can also get many discounts and offers from official websites or from travel agents. There are also travel discount websites that are special for this use!

Chartering Luxury Yachts: How to Make the Best Choice?

This motorized luxury boat is the choice of wealthy tourists who want to go on a special weekend trip. Today, the most modern scooter boasts the most luxurious amenities such as hydromassage baths, spa clinics, heliports, sports gyms and home theaters. This makes yacht charters a very expensive diversion. If you have decided to rent this type of sailboat, there are several factors that you can consider.

  • The first aspect is the size of the boat. Small boats usually have two cabins and each can accommodate a couple for a total of four guests. The standard dimensions of luxury boats range from about 75 to 200 feet in length. However, there are small boats that can be used for a maximum of two days and measured from 40 to 75 feet.
  • The daily cost of chartering services for a 24-meter boat can be increased by about $ 15,000. This price depends on the availability of the ships and the current period. These boats are more expensive to rent during the summer. So, it's important to set a budget before talking to any charter company. It is important to determine your ability to rent before entering into a contract with any booking agent.
  • Book in advance and give the exact dates on which you are renting a boat. The minimum time charter is usually three days, but most companies charge a premium when the trip is less than a week. It is recommended to book much earlier, such as six months before a real trip
  • You must give the number of visitors and indicate the number of children taking part in the cruise. Some charter companies set a minimum age for children. Crew members will not work as babysitters and these kids should be under the care of adult passengers
  • It is imperative to know your destination and the weather conditions in the area. The main charter regions are the Australian and Mediterranean regions, New England and Greece during the summer season. On the other hand, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Florida are ideal for winter.
  • Customers are required to make advances of at least 50 percent when the agreements are formalized. Meanwhile, the balance will have to be settled from 30 to 45 days before actual time slots. Deposits for superboats are made via wire transfers, while companies providing small yachts cruise do not accept credit card payments for initial installments.
  • There are also fees for a prepaid benefit or APA that includes fuel costs, communications systems,, and liquid. This is generally 35 percent of the rental cost and must be paid for one month to 45 days before the charter date. Any additional APA payment is returned to the customer
  • You also have to expect extra costs, such as crew members' advice, which can reach up to 20% of the paper. Climbing rarely applies in Europe, but a five to ten percent bonus is proposed

Water Sports to Enjoy On Vacation

There is nothing more fun and exciting than having a vacation. Although holiday planning can be a bit stressful at times, if you know what you want to do and where you go the design process is much simpler. One of the best holidays you can do either with your family or with your friends is a vacation on a tropical destination. The tropical destinations mean spending time at the sand, sun and surf beach. A holiday trip to a tropical destination also means the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of water sports.


Snorkeling is a water sports that is fun for people of all ages. Everyone from young children to the elderly can enjoy snorkeling as they know how to swim and be able to breathe through the snorkel mouthpiece. Another great aspect in snorkeling is that you only need a mask, the snorkel to breathe and swim flaps if you need help moving in the water. Snorkeling gives the person the chance to see all the marine life that lives beneath the surface of the water. The best part of snorkeling is that you do not need certification to enjoy this sport

Scuba Diving

If you want the opportunity to see more of those under the surface of the ocean or in deep rivers then scuba diving is the ideal choice for sports. While you do not need training with snorkeling, you need some training and certification to snorkel. With the right equipment, including swim fins, mask, regulator, oxygen tank and a gem, you can explore coral reefs, old sunken ships or just enjoy the wide range of fish and other marine life

A water sports that many people want to enjoy when on holiday is jet ski. Jet Ski gives people the opportunity to travel across the water at high speeds instead of swimming or riding a boat. It is also possible to sit and relax in Jet Ski out in the water if you want what you want. The best place for Jet Ski is a lot of people who have them rent near many rivers and oceans. It is good to wear a life jacket or a vest with the opportunity to miss

If you plan on a beach or lake vacation, some of the activities you can enjoy include swimming, snorkelling, diving and jet skiing. Choose the sport that best fits your needs, desires and fitness level

Liberty Of The Seas Review, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Review

Liberty of the Seas is a 160,000-tonne 36,000-passenger cruise ship in operation in December 2007. It is the third of three Freedom Freedom ships, freedom of the seas, the independence of the seas and the freedom of of the seas. Donnalea Madeley is the mother goddess of this beautiful ship, the first travel agent to win the honor for her contribution to the success of Royal Caribbean and the work of charity in her community.

I was impressed by the ice skating rink, bathtubs extending 12 meters beyond the ship's side, FlowRider, climbing wall and H20 Zone

The Royal Promenade deck was created as Main St …. and had lots of places sitting and watching people … including Sorrento's Pizzeria, Seattle's best cafe, Ben and Jerry ice cream, haircut and shopping. There was a disco of the 70s one night on the Royal Promenade deck, complete with the People at Work, dancing with cruise ships. It was a lot of fun!

The Liberty of the Seas cabins were comfortable and well-designed. I stayed in an internal cabin without windows. There were flat-screen TVs in all rooms. There was plenty of room to move and settle into 2 adults, but 3 or 4 in this room size would be very tight. There was a loveseat, final table, desk and chair in the room, making it very easy to work on my computer or make up

The pool area was fantastic, with waterbathing area with interactive fountains, gejysers and cascading waterfalls. FlowRider was a lot of fun to watch people as they were trying to surf or make stump and it was a lot of fun for the more adventurous

The food on the Liberty of the Seas was very good. The dinner was wonderful in the 3-story formal dining room. The variety of choices of the restaurant was exciting, such as the Chops Steakhouse, the Italian restaurant Portofino, Windjammer Cafe for buffet dinner, Casual Jade Cafe in Asia, Pizzeria of Sorrento and Johnny Rockets dinner. There is even a Ben and Jerry ice cream shop for ice cream enthusiasts or Cupcake Cafe for those with a sweet tooth

The ship has warm Caribbean colors and was tastefully decorated.

Liberty of the Seas is a great cruise ship for families with children, multinational families looking for a quality cruise with plenty to offer

If you are interested in traveling to Freedom of the Sea, travel the Caribbean in winter with rates starting from $ 589 per person

This is a sample of 7-day Caribbean cruise itinerary

Sun, 27/03/11 Miami, Florida

Mon, 28/03/11 Cruise

Tue, 29/03/11 Belize City, Belize

Wed, 30/03/11 Costa Maya, Mexico

Thu, 03/31/11 Cozumel, Mexico

Fri, 04/01/11 Cruise

Sat, 04/02/11 Miami, Florida

What Type of Cabin to Buy on Your First River Cruise

Cycling in Europe has become one of the most demanding holiday choices for boomers and pre-boomers. This demand is fueled both by past ocean cruise customers and by those who have never enjoyed an ocean cruise. The reasons for this request are; (19659002) While the experience of the European river cruise is very satisfying and river trips enjoy an extremely high level of satisfaction, we know that some elements of planning your first river trip may be somewhat scary. This is due to the fact that all cruise lines and all cruise ships are not equal and that they certainly apply to the type of cabin you buy.

In talking to thousands of first-time buyers, a significant number of these buyers first commented that choosing the right cabin on the first river trip was one of the most frustrating and provocative things they faced as new customers

you have never enjoyed the marvels of a very affordable European river cruise, you might not understand how to choose the best cabin for your trip. The choice of this perfect cab can be made more confusing by two factors that can influence your decision. different generations of rivers and the different types of cabins on each ship

In addition to these distinctions, a number of other factors need to be considered before selecting your room. But you can get comfort by knowing that the cabin choice is a fairly logical process and that in addition to selecting your prisoners, almost every other element of the ship's ship and shore side experience is exactly the same regardless of the type of cabin you buy . Why; Because each passenger on a river boat enjoys the same excursions on land, enjoyable cuisine and excellent personal service.

At first glance, you might not understand why cabin choice is so important and you might come to the same conclusion. The reason is very relevant because of the price difference between a window and a balcony. Generally, for a one-week cruise, the difference may be between $ 599 and $ 1500 per person for the balcony, so if the price is significant, go to the window. If you prefer a balcony but your budget requires a window, always go for the window cabin instead of not going as all the other elements of the trip will be exactly the same as those you will buy the balcony

Traveling with – Miles, like elderly travelers are one of the other very rewarding elements of a river trip. They are oriented to those who are 55+ years old and while there are many active cruise trips, these types of cruises are not child-friendly

Although not suitable for children, these river trips are suitable for individual or solo travelers looking for holiday attraction and other similar travelers

Meet the New Disney Ship

Have you heard about the new Disney cruise ship? Yes, the news is real and the ship made its initial voyage on January 26, 2011 at Canaveral Harbor in Florida. If you've gone through Disney's old boats, this boat will be excited, as it's really a new exaggeration. With the ship that comes out with a new design and image, you can not help but be interested.

Meet the "Disney Dream"! The first new Disney boat in a decade, the dream takes its cruisers to a new level of entertainment.

The most innovative new sights of the ship are … "Aquaduck". It's the "bargain" that only Disney could have captured. Water slides are not uncommon for cruise ships, but this offers some new twists and turns. This route uses the same Master Blaster technology used in Disney theme parks to swing the riders forward and upwards as they shoot a series of turns, turns and drops while driving an inflatable raft through the clear Aquaduck tube.

This ride is 765 feet long, and winds around a substantial portion of the top deck. It raises four stories from the top deck and the excitement is strong enough that Disney has set a height limit for riders. Of course, like most of the attractions on Disney ships, this is included in the cost of sailing.

Although they are not innovative, they should not overlook the interesting themed restaurants in the dream. The three "rotating food" restaurants offer a thematic dining experience.

The enchanted Garden is based on Versailles gardens and offers "mainland cuisine". The Royal Palace serves a princess along with French cuisine. And the Animator Palace is a transfer from the Magic and Wonder boats, which spreads with the Pacific Rim.

Lavish Luxury Cruises – Experience the Magic

For those who are worried about enjoying the trip, as it is about reaching the destination, there are luxury cruises. Will you enjoy a few days at sea and fewer ports? Would you like to let your mind be seduced by the pressures of modern life? A luxury luxurious heel is right on your alley. There is nothing like the vast expanse of the sea and the fresh air. It's for relaxation in style.

There are several notable differences between recreational excursions and excursions on standard footbridges. Larger cabins, fewer crowded public spaces and great dining experience are just some of the top amenities of the liners. You can get away from everything and immerse yourself in a range of exciting activities. Boredom is not feasible, not on a huge boat full of possibilities.

Luxury boats have original entertainment. Broadway style upgrades, classy musical acts and top comics work in rooms in the first ranks. "It's the biggest concert in the world for a comedian," says stand-up comedian Bobby Collins. "They raised the ante on luxury lines when they recruited children like me and David Brenner, I was left out of things to do, it's really something else."

Something else, indeed. Fun activities are ubiquitous and steady. Luxury cruises feature movie theaters, dance clubs, thermal baths, piano bars and casinos. There are restaurants, barbecues, boutiques, lectures, wine tastings, swimming pools, jogging tracks, weights, saunas and more. It's like boarding a floating Manhattan, a city or a ship that never sleeps. However, there is also a lot of quiet time. If you want a five-star room with delightful food to enjoy a meal, but you prefer to be alone, you can also get it.

It's not very difficult to find the right luxury cruise. You can board a boat in quite different parts of the world and travel from one corner of the land to the other. From Greenland to New England and from Africa to Antarctica. Limits are limitless. You need only 40,000 tons of steel and water – many of them. All you need is a reservation. It is wise to book in advance, however, as points in the best ships tend to sell fast.