Do Two-Way Radios Work on Cruise Ships?

Yes, two-way DO radios are working on cruise ships. However, because the same channels tend to be a little overused, passengers can expect a fair amount of chatter and signal interference when using their radios.

I assume that two-way radio / portable devices would be the best choice. But, how important is ongoing communication with the rest of your family anyway? A ship, though large, is not huge. If you know the general area where people will be, you can walk and find them. Predefined scheduled appointment times and locations would also work. People did manage to spend quite well without being able to communicate directly with each other at any time of the day

Thus, in addition to choosing preset time, the two-way radio station is not a terrible idea, especially if you have children. Many people who read this can simply ask why they can not use their cell phones. This is a very good question, eventually …

If you start a cruise this summer (or anytime, really), you should know that your mobile phone will cause some problems.

Many cruise passengers are unaware of and / or are not prepared for this, and cruise companies themselves are responsible, at least in part, for the lack of information in this area.

So your mobile phone will work at sea?

The answer is usually always "You can sign up for the cruise mobile network". What I will not tell you is the prices you will pay. Surely you will not be able to find them on the internet and to get a correct answer, you should call the cruise line to get a full breakdown of the prices they charge for accessing their cell networks. As a company that determines its own international call rates for SIM Talk Abroad, we can see the cruise ship networks on our list and it does not look good. If you sign up for your network, you'll pay anything from $ 4 ~ $ 8 per minute, depending on where you are and who you are calling. Do not forget also that they will charge you for receiving incoming calls

As we will soon see, taking a mobile phone on a cruise can be a logistics nightmare. At the same time, however, many of us feel naked without a phone?

There are more problems in the form of scheduled stops (although they can also represent opportunities for higher and cheaper connectivity).

If the ship is close to the coastline and has many stops at ports, you will usually be able to receive a terrestrial signal from the nearest mobile tower – up to a mile from the coast. It is extremely indisputable that you will connect with 3G speed signals, as shown in my previous blog, you should have a low 3G frequency such as 800 or 900 Mhz – frequencies that are not usually associated with phones made for North American consumers. What can be done? You can rent an international mobile phone that operates in the harbor, and a short trip to the sea. If you really need to stay connected to your boat, contact your cruise travel agent and ask for information on mobile phone charges and subscriptions

Thus, using mobile phones on a cruise is as difficult and extremely expensive, but the organization a meeting time is also likely to cause more than a few headaches. Bidirectional radios have their problems, but they may actually be the best way to stay in touch, of course, depending on how important this is for you.