Go Green on Your Luxury Sailing Yacht Trip

The best way to combine a luxury vacation at sea with an environmentally friendly effort is to make a trip on a luxury sailing boat. As your sailing activity is powered by wind, you can enjoy a journey without broadcast while enjoying the glorious beauty of the places you visit.

When you visit a number of locations on your luxury yacht, it is your responsibility to play your role in reducing carbon footprint by making sure you minimize the impact of your presence and leave the seats in the virgin conditions you are in

The average speed that a luxury sailing sailboat can reach is 10 knots / hour – Imagine the clear bliss of the races along the ocean without the Inerted engine noise. All you hear is the water as it swirls against the arc – so the noise will remain to a minimum as you navigate in harmony with the elements without using a drop of oil ..

Another thing to keep in mind is credibility of the crew to the environment with regard to products used for cleaning and maintenance of the ship. There are products that are less harmful and help to preserve your environment. So even when your crew cleans the turbocharger with environmentally friendly cleaning products, you can be part of an effort to reduce the carbon footprint knowing that you will not damage the water around you. Respect your natural environment: When taking off from your superhair, you are bound to travel to the pristine sites, rich in natural beauty. It is your responsibility to respect your natural environment. When snorkling or diving, be careful not to damage the coral beds with diving flaps.

o Save Natural Ventilation: In most adventures, you will be exposed to the natural winds of the ocean, even when anchored. When possible, make sure you open the openings and slots to take advantage of the natural ventilation provided by the breeze instead of relying on drainage systems.

o Green Water Activities: Luxury sailing boats offer you the opportunity to participate in various water sports in the destinations you are visiting. You can make a difference and reduce the carbon footprint by choosing water-based water sports that do not run on fuel. These create both noise pollution and air pollution, which can be easily avoided by selecting snorkeling, floating layers, kayaks and parachutes or cartons.

o Check Waste Disposal: There are many ways to control how waste disposal will affect your environment. Never throw garbage (including food) on board as this has a detrimental effect on the natural ecosystem. Fish and other marine animals are not familiar with our food, due to the fact that discarding any excess food can be life-threatening. Cigarettes can also be often confused with food, so make sure you train everyone on the boat to throw the ends of the cigarettes at a designated location where they can not infect the sea.

o Limit the amount of garbage: When packing or preparing for your trip on a scooter, try to avoid taking plastic on board. Waste discharges, especially on smaller islands that you can visit, usually end up in landfills that have a negative impact on the environment. Limit the amount of garbage you create with shopping wisely before – avoid many smaller plastic bottles of water, prefer rather larger gallon bottles. Avoid plastic or disposable cutlery as well as the accumulation of plastic bags. Excessive bottles or plastic bags that float around have a habit of landing in the water where they are potentially harmful to fish or other marine animals that could be mistaken for food or cooked in them.

Taking these few suggestions into account, you can play your role in preserving marine life and the local environments you visit while enjoying a luxurious sailing boat trip.

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