Career in Cruise Ships – The Best You Job Can Ever Find

A cruise job has fulfilled the dreams of many people, giving them the opportunity to travel around the world and pay for it too

So if you are here, then you have to decide to work on a cruise ship. But before you start you need to know a few things that are very important

A wide range of employment opportunities are available on a ship. The job will be comfortable and appealing, giving you the opportunity to travel to different exotic destinations in the world that you have never seen before.

However, in order to get a job on a cruise ship you have to do research, spend some time (19659002) Three important things you need to have a job on a cruise ship are: ] 1. Hygiene in English

The main quality you need when working on cruise ships is to speak and understand English. This is important because most travelers are Americans and English speakers. If you work in the first line of food and beverages or cabin stewards in the hotel, you must know good English that interaction with visitors can impress them and pay them directly

2. Passport is mandatory

One of the important things to do with traveling abroad is to have a valid passport. All persons on the cruise ship must have a valid passport

3. SEAMAN VISA (For all those non-residents)

Once you get a job in a cruise ship company and get a Workers' Agreement, then the next thing you need to do is apply for visas is the C1 Transit & D1 Seaman and also the Visitor B2 visa at the United States Embassy. US ports visit most cruise ships. Major cruise ships such as Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruises are in Florida.

Your C1 & D1 and B2 visas allow you to stay in the US for a limited time only when cruise ships call you a US port. Visas are usually valid for 30 days

• C1 is intended for seafarers and allows you to work in US ports for a limited time, which can take only a few hours or a few days

. ] • The D1 visa allows you to travel via different ports in the US • There are "visitor visas" that are B2 US Visa Tours and are very important for foreigners rejoicing from non-Visa countries Exemption Scheme

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