Sixteen Tips That Will Help You Be Prepared For Your First Cruise

So, are you ready to take your first cruise? How exciting! You have surely read all the information provided by your travel agent and you have probably read everything you can find on the ship's website and if you had time, you have probably checked the comments of previous travelers, right? This is a good start! Here are additional tips that will help your entire experience be more enjoyable. I wrote notes after my first cruise and used them every time.

  • When you pack, do not forget that you will not need as many clothes as you think you want. If you take a 7 day cruise, you only need 4-5 clothes. Trust me! This is the way it works. On the days when you are on the open sea, you will probably live in a swimsuit and cover all day if you are in hot weather. If you prefer to have more clothes, even if you do not wear it, do not forget that your wardrobe will be too small and there is no room to let your suitcase sit outside.
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  • Talking about wardrobes, take some of these hangers you get from your dry cleaners that you do not mind leaving behind. It will not be enough for everyone in your room to use. It is a good idea to pack your clothes already on hangers with dry cleaning bags on top of them. It unpacks a breeze and really helps to wrinkle the wrinkles!
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  • While we're on clothes, forget those fancy clothes for dinner. Very few people are "dressed" on board. Instead, you shoot for "simple elegance" and will fit in. Women, throw a pair of heels to wear with your black capris, or if you are a man, place your shirt in your khakis, and it will fit perfectly!
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  • Get comfortable shoes !! Make less of a style and more for comfort. You will need them while you walk on board and you will definitely want them when you get to shore.
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  • Do not be shocked when you see the size of your room and especially your bathroom. Do not let the fact that you can sit on the toilet, brush your teeth in the sink and shave your feet in the shower – all at the same time, spoil your trip. It will be fun! You are only in your room to sleep and get dressed anyway.
  • If you want to drink plenty of water all day, take your own jug of water and let the bartender fill it. It is a hassle to go constantly to get water and the glasses are really small. Likewise, if you like soda, spend the money to buy a soda card. The ship will usually give you a thermal mug that you can get the barman to fill as often as you want. Also take a coffee cup of coffee if you want more than one cup at a time.
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  • If you have to make a selection, choose the slowest food choice. Even if you normally want to eat early in the dinner, you do not want to return from the shore to the shower and get ready for dinner at 6:00. They will not be hungry on the cruise! flights
  • Think of eating dinner in the buffet room a few nights. You can dress as comfortable as you like (even swimwear covers are acceptable), you can eat at any time you want and the food is the same as in the dining room!
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  • When you get on board, use the opportunity to go to the dining room to check your table settings. If you have children, you can ask for a table with other children so your children have a company. Similarly, if you do not have children, you will probably want to ask for an adult-only table. At the same time, ask for a larger table so you have companions to eat. Even if you are shy to talk to strangers, after your first awkward night, your taste experience will be much more fun!
  • If you enjoy enjoying the sun while the ship is at sea, throw out a good spot away from the kids where you can quietly enjoy your book. This will not be in the main area near the pool! There are many points hanging around the deck of the ship that will be perfect! Look at you early and you will be able to keep your chair with a towel or book while you go to eat breakfast.
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  • Wipe a bag in the suitcase that you can use as a "pool bag" to carry all the goodies you'll need when you're out all day.
  • Some areas of the deck are very breeze, so you get a hat or visor that will not go out easily. If you are sunning yourself, and you have longer hair, you may want to get a "buff" or bandana to keep your hair off your face.
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  • The sun can be very brutal on the high seas! Take plenty of sunscreen and think about throwing a regular umbrella or even a small umbrella in your suitcase. This can help you when you want to stay out but have enough sun.
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  • Take advantage of the activities. You will really make your cruise experience more enjoyable. Do not miss the shows! It's always great! Similarly, visit the nightclubs. They often have live bands that are fantastic!
  • While we are about the activities, read the ship's daily newsletter. You will discover everything that happens from activities to appearances in special shopping opportunities. In the newsletter, you will often see a meeting for "Bill W. Friends" On my first cruise I met frequently and I found myself envious that this group I suppose was a group "reunion" met so often. Later I discovered it was a code for Anonymous Alcoholics. So now you will be smarter than me!
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  • Get lots of books if you want to read, although most ships have libraries. You also get cards or a scrabble game trip in case the weather is too bad for you to be out.

Follow these 16 tips and you will be well prepared for your first cruise. What a fantastic moment you will have!

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