Using a Mighty!

With Omaha Nebraska to Umuahia Nigeria, Devotion comes from Omaha Nebraska Omaha, the largest city in Nebraska Right from the United States And Douglas County is a county Place in the Midwest On the Missouri River To the north of the mouth of the Platte River Omaha, anchor Omaha-Council Bluffs – metropolitan area Located just […]

OSHA 10-hour construction course – Requires 7 states

OSHA (US Department of Labor Protection Administration) has developed a program to improve safety in the construction industry, standartyzavavshy set of requirements known as the OSHA 10-hour construction course. The course was so big and successful that many states require that employees take the course OSHA 10 before working to earn money, funded by the […]

Hurricane Katrina – what's wrong?

Hurricane Katrina – a terrible tragedy. Some say that the lack of action by the federal, state and local governments – a great tragedy. The mayor of New Orleans was on a radio show that vybuhvav federal and state bureaucracy. It seems that the federal troops on the ground, looting and riots stopped. The vast […]

Patience – spiritual fruit

It was a hot day in Missouri, and I worked on the street. In fact, it was very hot and very humid. Not a day like my genetics, Nordic, wants to have anything to do with. I would like to have out & # 39; e 50 degrees, rain, 80 degrees and relative humidity of […]

The writing of news – book review

Today, the news is not from the & # 39; is what it was before, and many of America's newspaper was closed. You can pick up any newspaper in the country, and a third of the content is exactly the same, as fewer and fewer reporters are working, and more information is obtained from the […]

Route 66 – What's all – it's the fuss?

For many, Route 66 in their blood – they grew up on the old highway, traveled the road with their parents when they were children, or perhaps even pumped gas at one of the old gas station, who knew exactly what the term "customer support" . For others, they are nostalgic like me – "old […]

We need a witness

In Denver, the murder of witnesses become almost common of & # 39; a reality: they are slaughtered witnesses a gang murder. In one of the latest cases, witness the murder of bandits was killed just days before she was to testify. The murder of Denver Bronk Darrenta Williams, who was associated with the previous […]

prejudices Ozark

We've all heard them. If you step on a crack, you break your mother's back. Break the mirror and brings seven years of misfortune. Never open an umbrella in the house. This is some of the most famous, but did you know that Mount Mizar and Arkansas Ozark filled seven & # 39; families who […]

Raid on kvaliry Olate, Kansas, September 6, 1862

William Kvaliryl (1837-1865) was a confederal simpatyzantam and partisan fighter during the Civil War, roamed the plains of Kansas entered the Union as a free state in 1861, and Missouri, owned slaves. Confederation was not recognized by the officer, and many of his men, including Frank and Jesse James, Cole and Jim Younger, began outside […]