Bull Lake Salls – Fisherman's treasure Missouri and Arkansas

Target species: Bass Largemut, Bass Malmut, Bass spotted, goiter, white bass, catfish feed, catfish Blue, Kreyp, Rainbow trout, Palosaty bass, carp, suckers, Blyug, yellow perch, Bass

Bull Shoals Lake in southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas – fishing is world class by all standards. It offers excellent fishing for balgematusa, bald perch, walleye, trout, white perch, blue frog, catfish and countless other species. The upper part of the lake from the dam to the Paverseyt Beaver Creek – a place they can turn to try anything that might suggest the lake. In this part of the lake is the most popular type of white bass, rainbow trout, drips and spotted bass, but there are many others. Just below the dam Powersite – a popular area, which can be easily reached by boat or on foot, called potholes. In fact, this pool reaches a small length below the dam, but the lake section a couple of miles below the dam usually goes by that name.

From March to June is the easiest time with lots of perch, white perch and trout, as well as drips, drawn up in this area of ​​the river below the dam Powers. White 1/32 ounce jig is very popular, as they work very well for all of the above. Dance tracks are also popular for those looking for all kinds. Until the end of June, most of the walleye and white bass moved into deeper water, but in the area just below Paverskih fish pretty good claps black bass and rainbow trout from late June to mid-October, giving you the fish at the beginning or end of the day.

In Beaver Creek starts classic fishing waters of Lake Bull Shoals. There are several of these pigs in the middle and lower lake, and the current record of the state of Missouri has been fixed here. In summer time the bass is usually kept between 10 and 25 feet during the day, and often fall victim shot or soft plastics Carolina. Even in the summer dog days finely bass comes early in the morning just after dawn, and can be caught by fishermen from the banks, often on the lure of the water.

Keep in mind that Bull Shoals Lake is usually ultra-transparent, so light line is best. Fishing in Valle is also very good in the lower lake. Fishing in Sulla is very different than in the upper lake, but it is perhaps well or better. Summer fishing in the summer will require significantly boat. Some trolls, and some catch deep water with padsosnay rubble installation using nocturnal caterpillars or bystanders as bait. Night fishing is by far the best. The most effective technique is to fish in any place where the light is shining on the water, especially at the pier. In these areas stretching shadows and followed perches. North and nocturnal reptiles are best in this situation. Trout fishing can also be in the lower lake, near the dam of Bull Shoals. This is an extremely fishing and night fishing is best. Most people fish night caterpillars or corn depth of thirty to fifty feet.

This is a relatively untapped fishing, but it is very fruitful, because every spring accumulates 30,000 rainbow trout. Many survive after the accumulation and grow large enough for many years. Soma much. Most of them – channel-catfish ranging from two to fifteen pounds, but there are blue catfish in the lake, some of which reach fifty pounds estimate. White bass, dripping and blyugil also frequently targeted.