Patience – spiritual fruit

It was a hot day in Missouri, and I worked on the street. In fact, it was very hot and very humid. Not a day like my genetics, Nordic, wants to have anything to do with. I would like to have out & # 39; e 50 degrees, rain, 80 degrees and relative humidity of 75%. If the weather is & # 39; e is hot and humid, it is on my nerves; While I was trying to survive the heat of Missouri, I became more and more impatient. Thus, if I am killed, was filled with sweat and all went wrong, my answer was not full of Christian peace and joy in the middle of my eyes. At this point, my loved ones would be very hard to declare me "a man who is suffering for a long time." Hot day Missouri did his job; Me made of soft educated Christian in irritated group.

I do, however, is old enough Christian to understand the statement of the Holy Spirit, that, "in virtue and in the condemnation of a virtue when bright tempered." If I take time to think about it, I know that we all have the rest of your life to perform any earthly task set before us. Jesus made it very clear that we do not know whether we will have tomorrow to today could become "the rest of our lives." Let's face it, when we get to the point of our decision-making, none other than the "I" needs to do something on earth that have to do now; and do exactly as I want. We are too often under the control freaks on their own earthly activities, God forbid we try to control those around us, when we should be more concerned about the production of spiritual fruit in our lives. God cares about our spiritual production of the fruit, rather than our earthly achievements. God, rather, to make me go to my emotional needs of the family & # 39; and than mowing the lawn, painting the house or build a fence. If I could learn to put their efforts to normalize relations before the secular forces, there would be less stress in my life and fewer things to try my patience.

So you see, I know that I must be a man of patience; but my desire to control, especially when combined with heat and humidity can cause the patience of me. When this happens, my first reaction, at least, I constantly pray that it was my first reaction – to remind ourselves that "the failure to bear spiritual fruit should not also lead to the loss of Christian love." You can not be tempered with someone and at the same time be filled with Christian love: they simply can not exist simultaneously in one place. I learned how the best way to give me back my Christian perspective – focus on God's love and his need to always be a source of Christian love.

Return Christian feeling is not easy to do, especially in temples throbbing, his eyes full of sweat and emotion raging tornado. However, I learned that the mind turn to God – this is the only thing that can calm a restless emotions, even if the heat from the & # 39 is a factor. In the presence of God my emotions calm down, and I can be influenced by the love of Jesus; I can be successful in gaining spiritual fruit. It sounds well and good; but honestly, I have to work constantly that it is a reality.

So, when my concentration is broken, it is difficult to be a patient person, especially when it is hot and humid; but with the help of the Holy Spirit possible.