Hurricane Katrina – what's wrong?

Hurricane Katrina – a terrible tragedy. Some say that the lack of action by the federal, state and local governments – a great tragedy. The mayor of New Orleans was on a radio show that vybuhvav federal and state bureaucracy.

It seems that the federal troops on the ground, looting and riots stopped. The vast majority of people who stayed in the area of ​​the hurricane Katrina disaster were evacuated. The process began to fix the dam and dry in New Orleans.

It is very easy to point the finger. Governments are very easy to say that it is the fault of national governments. Unfortunately, these errors and delays in receiving assistance in New Orleans will probably cost the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people. Great tragedy would not learn from the mistakes that were made, and make the same mistakes in future disasters.

You need to create an ad hoc group, which studies the error. This working group is necessary to determine what was done right and what could be done better. This target group should be noted that done wrong and what steps you need to take to fix it, not pointing the finger. It would be a much greater tragedy: not learning from the mistakes and repeat them in future disasters.

It seems that all the problems revolved around a federal law designed to protect states. The Act states that federal troops can not be used, if it does not ask the governor of the state. The law may need to change to allow federal troops to stay in for a short time without requiring governors under very specific conditions with the appropriate checks and balances.