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With Omaha
to Umuahia
Devotion comes from Omaha Nebraska
Omaha, the largest city in Nebraska
Right from the United States
And Douglas County is a county
Place in the Midwest
On the Missouri River
To the north of the mouth of the Platte River
Omaha, anchor
Omaha-Council Bluffs – metropolitan area
Located just north of Kansas City, Missouri
Omaha, 40th largest city
The 60th-largest metropolitan area
In the United States, 2000
Pioneer Omaha period 1854
The city was founded by speculators with
Neighboring Council Blefs, Lovat
The city was founded along the Missouri River
Ferry Crossing is called a lone tree
The city earned the nickname Gateway to the West
The 20th century, Omaha Pagosny when the world’s largest
Received international acclaim
In Omaha live five Fortune 5000 companies
ConAgra Foods, University Corporation Uni
Mutual of Omaha, Peter Gmina Kiwity & Sons Inc
And Berkshire Hathaway
Berkshire Hathaway, led by local investors Warren Buffett
The richest man in the world in 2008 and the most famous resident of Omaha
four headquarters are also home to the Fortune 1000
Werner Enterprises and Valmont Industries
West Corporation, TD Ameritrade
TD Ameritrade is based Joe Rykets
Whose understanding of the transformational power of the Internet has blossomed TD Ameritrade
According to the chairman of TD Ameritrade
And the second richest man Omaha, Joe Ryketts
Now TD Ameritrade sounds on all cylinders
Today, TD Ameritrade enjoys a market capitalization of $ 11 billion
First National Bank of Omaha
The largest private bank in the US
The headquarters for Leo A. Daly
HDR Inc and DLR Group
Three of the top 30 architectural and engineering firms in the USA
2009, Forbes called us
The nation’s number one Best-Bang-For-The-Buck City
And the number one in America – the fastest of the city, which are restored & # 39; list
Word of Omaha; UmoNho or UmaNhaN
In terms of residents on the bluff
Omaha-Council Blefs, metropolitan area eight countries
Five in Nebraska, three in Love
Harrison County, Potavatami and Mill in Love
Washington, Douglas, Sarp
Cass County and Saunders Nebraska
Omaha eight among the 50 largest cities in the country
The billionaires per capita and 500 companies
Home to a public house in Omaha
The largest community theater in the United States
Omaha Symphony Orchestra with the Center for Contemporary Arts execution Holland
Opened in 1931, the opera studio Oslinskay Omaha
Theater Bam Blue and Rose Theater
It provides the basis for the Performing Arts Omaha community
Today, the main form of transport in Omaha
I do with
Or by car
Omaha, historical and modern birthplace and home
Prominent politicians, actors, musicians
business leaders, athletes and cultural leaders
Gabrielle Union, Montgomery Cliff
Fred Astrayr
Winner of the Academy Award Henry Fonda
Artist Russell Patterson
Tennis player, Andy Rodryk
Preston Love, Sarah Olson
Calvin Keys, Eugene Makdaniels
Malcolm X, American black nationalist leader
The first is known as Malcolm Little
Professional wrestler Steve Borden (Sting), Ted Yes Bias, etc.
Camp Umuahia in Nigeria
In the capital of Abia State
In the south-eastern Nigeria
Disposed along the railway between
Port Harcourt to the south and
City Enugu North
Take radical ethnic group Umuahia, igbos
Umuahia, well known as the center of the agricultural market
Since 1916,
Also rail station harvest
Yam, tapioca, corn (maize)
Packaging, citrus, palm kernel oil, and
Find the National Research Institute of root crops in Nigeria
In Umudike, adjacent to the city
Umuahia, shelter for Trinity College (theology)
My local authorities in the north and south of Umuahia
I was clans
Umuokpara, Ibeku, Olakara
Ubakala, Ohuhu
My dear city, which traditionally belongs Ibeku
We were created by the British colonial administration in Nigeria
In the early 20th century
It announced the second capital of the short-lived nation
The Republic of Biafra
0n 28 September 1967
After the first capital of Enugu was captured
Look after my capture, December 24, 1969
Our last capital Biafrana to the dissolution was Owerri
One strong school, full of grace and skill
Federal Government Girls & # 39; College, Umuahia
Where the star like
Okeke Akudo Nkemjika Christien
Had fortified her education
One notable person comes from Umuahia
Mikel Iheanukara Okpara
Former premier & # 39; -Minister Eastern region of Nigeria
Another – Major-General Johnson Aguii-Ironsi
The first Nigerian military head of the Georgian Orthodox Church and State
Take a look at the distinctive distance between Omaha and Umuahiyay
Look significant distance between the US and Nigeria.
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