Beware of hurricane "Katrina"

How low will people go. It seems there are some unscrupulous people who send e-mails asking to receive donations to help the victims of "Katrina" hurricane. Not only do these low creep belly wool ponds steal your donation, they will steal the information from your credit card or bank account, and often your identity.

The best way to protect yourself – is never to click on a link in an e-mail asking for a donation. Never send credit number in response to a request for a donation via e-mail. If you want to donate money to charity to help the victims of hurricane "Katrina" with the disaster, please do so by entering an address there directly into their browser. CNN has a list of reliable charities in which you can feel safe with donations on the internet (go to page and click "Donate and volunteers').

Here are some safety measures that you need to remember when it comes to charitable donations. Charitable organizations will never send you unsolicited e-mail to donate. If you receive a request for money from a charitable organization by e-mail, more likely, an attempt to steal your identity.

Charitable organizations will never call your phone number, requiring donations. There is a whole industry telemarketav, which raises money for charity. The problem lies in the fact that the companies involved telemarketyngam retain up to 90% or more, and sent to the charity only a small amount. If you call from telemarketara, ask him what percentage of the money goes to charity, or they say they do not do not know or do not bring you to the 800 rooms, which will answer your questions. You better say politely telemarketseru no contact with the charity directly.

Columbia, Missouri offers a great opportunity Property

The real estate market in Columbia, Missouri, is constantly changing. Now Colombia is the fourth largest city in the state of Missouri. City acquired approximately 10,600 inhabitants between 2010 and 2015. It's great for real estate in the area. He was the fastest growing city of Missouri for the past five years. Since 2010, in every community Boone County observed growth of approximately 3 to 4 per cent, with the exception of the smallest towns. In this city there is a wide range of real estate, from flats and apartments to house single. There are plenty to choose from and a great time to buy or sell.

Columbia, Missouri – an ideal place to live in Missouri. It is practically in the middle of the state where St. Louis, Kansas City is less than 2 hours each direction. There are many active outdoor activities to participate in nearby state parks, as well as the MKT and Katy Trail, to go and ride a bicycle. Colombia also has an amazing festival! There is one or more each month starting from True / False Film Festival and Film Festival "Jane" and "Art in the Park and the roots" of the blues and & # 39; barbecue festival. If you are a & # 39; you are a sports fan, you can not go wrong with titles Mizzou, heads of the Kansas City, St. Louis Cardinals Louis or Kansas City Royals. If you like music, there are plenty of wonderful places such as Mizzou Arena and Blue Note, which depict the great artists. Summer in the city center hosts concerts in the open air during the Ninth Street Samfest. Colombia also has its own airport, which provides easy access for your business trips and family vacations.

Colombia – the perfect place to stay any. If you are a student who comes to one of our 3 beautiful colleges, there are a lot of student housing and apartments. If you are a young professional, it is not willing to live in the suburbs, there is a beautiful attic in the heart of the city. For those of you who have seven & # 39; and there are many excellent units with amenities including swimming pools, playgrounds, fitness centers, golf, fruit trees and more! Are you ready to retire? Columbia, Missouri – the perfect place! There are many areas of life that are 55 and older community. If you need help for everyday life, there is also a community that help.

In May 2016 the average day in the housing market in Colombia was 69 days, and the average sale price was 204,791 USD. The number of active listings has decreased compared to last year. In May last year the number of active listings was 1208 and in May for sale only 931 house. Active median price in the list has grown since last year, 170 000 to 194 900 dollars. Starting this year, an additional 91 house was sold this year than in the past. Most Active listings are currently in the range from 300 000 to 399 999 dollars, and the newest listings – from 200 000 to 249 999 dollars. Currently, there is sufficient inventory to support the market in the next 3 months. were 930 active listings in April 2016, 482 new listings and 292 sold listings.

If you think about the list of his house for sale in Columbia, Missouri, or neighborhood, now it is the time to do it. With little margin, it is rather a seller on the market. Some houses now they are considered numerous proposals, especially for the price of less than 300 000 dollars.

Energy efficient roofing materials

All interested in saving energy and, therefore, earn money these days, and a roofing company in the middle of Missouri can help do this. When it comes time to add or replace the roof, there are materials that can be used for better insulation of the roof area, which isolates the entire building. This should amount to energy savings since the roof is completed. Today contractors for roofing in Jefferson City, Missouri, offering a lot of these materials to their customers.

Metal roof – one of the variants of energy efficient roof over the entire territory of Missouri. Such roofs are usually made of steel, copper or aluminum. As these metals do not absorb heat as it is done asphalt shingles, they do not emit heat inside the buildings they cover. In warmer climates this can be a major factor in energy efficiency, especially in the summer months. Of course, the metal roof in Missouri can bring a benefit a home owner or building.

Clay roof is also more energy efficient than an asphalt roof houses in Missouri. When the clay tile is crimped, beneath the air will act to cool the roof board and outputting heat from the roof. This keeps the heat from penetrating the house or building. Roofing slate provides similar efficiency, and they have the incidental advantage of the fact that they are extremely durable. In fact, if the slate roof is installed properly, it can last a century or more. This saves a lot of money over time. Fortunately, today the owners of apartment buildings, many companies engaged in the roof in Jefferson City, Missouri, offering a clay or slate tiles.

If you like the roof of the roof is too expensive, gantavanaya roof can be made more energy efficient by applying a light-reflecting coating. This coating is applied directly to Gonty, enabling them to reflect heat. In fact, it was shown that the coated tiles reflect about 80% of the heat that falls on them, saving cooling costs the homeowner. Many companies that offer roof in Jefferson City, Missouri, can apply such coatings at reasonable prices.

Solar roof can maximize energy savings. Known as the construction of an integrated fotaelektryki, these roofs are made up of tiles coated with a film that can convert sunlight into electricity. While the amount of energy produced by a roof, not so much, it can power a few lights or small appliances. Over time, the energy savings should be significantly reduced. Companies that make the roof in Jefferson City, Missouri can advise home owners on the feasibility of adding a roof.

The new idea of ​​energy efficient roofs is to use turbines on the roof to produce electricity. Until now, this method of using wind power to spin turbines on the roof and creates energy, has already shown great promise. Of course, the amount of electricity generated will depend on the amount of wind which flows along the roof. Again, roofing contractors in Jefferson City, Missouri can advise everyone who is interested in this new technology.

Technology is changing rapidly, and develop new energy-efficient roofing materials. Over time, each building owner can benefit, if the roof is in the heart of Missouri becomes more energy efficient.

Tips for growing tomatoes – cropping

If the grade of a & # 39 is the spice of life, then the tomato market is driven into a market. There are not only many varieties of tomato plants, as you can clearly see from the first chapter, but now you have a choice of two ways to trim. There are enough options to make your head.

Two ways, which are well aware of and take into account – it is a simple trimming or cropping Missouri. The easiest way to cut – not simply pinch off the branch. Surprisingly, this is "just a trim".

This method works well if the sucker is still small and juicy. All you have to do is grab it at the bottom between the thumb and index finger. Then simply bend it back and forth. If you will be very little effort on your part, it will break. The process to get a small wound – do not worry about it; he will heal quickly enough.

Avoid cutting with a knife or scissors, if possible. If you do this with the help of these two tools, you leave the stump, which is easily infected.

With this persuasion, there are exceptions. Sometimes sucker too tough and leathery, and you simply can not unhook hand. In this case, use a razor blade, preferably a retractable knife, not scissors or a regular knife.

trimming Missouri

This allows us to talk about pruning Missouri. In this method, all you do is pinch the tip – and only the tip – sucker. You are allowed to keep one or two leaves. This may be advantageous since the plant has a greater leaf area for photosynthesis. Keeping the leaves, you will also protect the fruit from apalennya sun.

Of course, this method has a drawback; along the side seam plants inevitably develop new suckers. It complements your future crop care.

But circumcision Missouri is sometimes necessary to do, especially if "things got out of control." For example, if you are dealing with large suction cups, better to just nip off its tip cut off than the whole sucker.

Tips for a great relationship: Declaration or demonstration

Q: Can you help us to resolve the growing conflict in our marriage? I always tell my wife that I love her and I do everything for her. It seems it was not for her. In fact, it is usually the answer is: "cheap talk I want you to show me that you love me.". I'm not sure what it means, and I need to understand it quickly.

I think I might know where you stayed. You see, there is a huge difference between a declaration and demonstration. In my experience, most men do not do such an important difference, while the majority of women find it very obvious.

Say the words "I love you," "you – the most important thing in my life," etc., is a great thing. And sometimes it even enough, especially if the language of your favorite partner to hear. But if your partner's language to see (as I guess it), I talk alone just won.

One of the many places where I lived, was near the Kansas / Missouri. In Missouri, there is a saying called "show me." I do not know & # 39 is your wife from Missouri, or not, but it sounds like she says: "Do not tell me, show me!"

The good news from the & # 39 is that while most of us men are quite slow on this item, we go through the training. Here are three steps to put some hands and feet on this declaration against the demo ideas:

1) Note – Pay attention to what your partner is interested in and what to say.

2) Think ahead – to anticipate future needs and make the necessary arrangements to meet them.

3) Ask a partner following a very simple but profound question:

"What is love to you?" What you may think, it seems, may be different from what it looks like.

"Which three things I need to do on a regular basis to show that I love you?"

"Which three things I do not need to do to show you that I love you?"

Whatever the answers, you have the beginning of the map, how to make this demo work.

Remember that the declaration is not a demonstration. Try not to do. Doing, doing. So go!

History & the most noticeable crafts

Santa Maria was no longer than 70 feet, and history shows that it was ugly and slow ship, but she began to embody the spirit of adventure, when she bore Christopher Columbus and his crew in the new world. Her former captain, who was considered a tough and demanding course, has proved its tenacity and courage and incredible maratstva making strange journey four times in their lifetime. Strong and sturdy little Santa Maria would go only in one trip, abminuvshysya December 25, 1492 and who saved a forest. Forest of Santa Maria was used to build another ship called La Navidad, which means Christmas as Santa Maria has been already excellent car & # 39; career at Christmas. Since shipbuilding amateur built and sailed four small replica of the ship, and yet none of them is not in & # 39 is the perfect copies of the original, since there is no historical evidence that looked like Santa Maria in her day.

Battleship USS Missouri, who affectionately dubbed it the crew of "Powerful Mo", never fought in any major sea battles, but it is known that there was a ship on which the documents of surrender, which ended World War II was signed. This is a huge day, September 2, 1945. This huge 45,000 ton battleship was decommissioned at the end of the war, and then taken action to fight in the Korean War. In 1984, the project was developed in the state of Missouri, to become part of the infamous strategy 600th Navy Ronald Reagan. In 1991, this behemoth participated in the First Gulf War, labiruyuchy 16-inch cartridges and cruise missiles with its huge guns in order in Kuwait. In the end, USS Missouri allowed to rest, and can be seen in Pearl Harbor, where she Museum and War Memorial. The battleship USS Arizona moored only a short distance from the Missouri, which gives visitors the opportunity to see the places where he began and ended World War II.

USS Arizona was an emotional symbol for many American veterans of the war. The end of the First World War, this battleship in World War II after a short fifteen minutes later, when it sank a Japanese bomb, which stood at zero, and undermined her magazine, dividing it into two parts. Of course, this happened during the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 As a result of incredible strike bomb killed 1 177 people from its 1,400 people, together with the admiral and the captain. Arizona suffered from repair and remain in Pearl Harbor, where she was visited by people from all over the world, a symbol same inviolability and sacrifices of American servants during the war.

Refueling held responsible for price rise after Katrina

Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon defiled several zhetov for service stations, which picked up the price of Hurricane Katrina. Some have questioned his motives. Here & # 39; s Why …

Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon defiled several gas stations in southern Missouri, saying they overstated profits in excess of 400 percent immediately after the hurricane "Katrina disaster," it is right 400 percent, like the ones that are not good Gugery and throw the key!

Not so fast, let's examine the facts. The funny thing is: refueling, which paid for the price, do not pay more than the other local stations who did not pay soaring.

What really means a margin of 400 per cent income? At first glance you would think that if you earn 2 cents per gallon, and now will increase your yield by 400 percent, you earn 8 cents per gallon. But if the gas in your underground party costs $ 2.97 per gallon, and any new gas that you buy will cost you $ 3.17 per gallon as 8 cents per gallon profit will be added to your current or future value of the cost. cost.
Even if you raise the price of gas to 3.16 dollars per gallon, it could be argued that you are losing money because of any new gas that you buy will cost $ 3.17 per gallon.

These are the arguments presented at the gas station, found to guzingu Attorney General Jay Nixon of Missouri, that he does not consider the cost of gasoline replacement.

Branson – where the family meets with pleasure

The choice of destinations for your family & # 39; and can be a serious & # 39; oznay problem. While many places are attractive, each member of your family & # 39; and should be thought out. There is one place you can count on to your upcoming family vacation turned out: Branson, Missouri.

Outdoor activities – Each year, hundreds of thousands of Seven & # 39; ads are planning holidays in Brensane in Missouri to replace domestic troubles beauty and recreation in southwest Missouri. Located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, outdoor activities in and around Branson. Of rental boats on the lake Tankoma trails to hike on a historical cave Marvel, you and your family & # 39; I can appreciate the beauty of a real American in the next vacation.

However, in this piece of American paradise has more than hiking, fishing and boating. Hunting of golf should be the route for each of your holidays in Brensane, Missouri. Thanks to the 12 playgrounds, golf on championship level, you and anyone else in the family & # 39; and be able to pass a good place while you are away from home.

purchase – What if someone in the family & # 39; and do not like in the fresh air? The Branson Landing your family & # 39; I can shop – forever. With hundreds of stores and outlets, rest in Brensane can give everyone the opportunity to take something new from vacation. Branson Landing is located on a beautiful promenade and a spectacular fountain display with water, synchronized with the lights, music and fire!

Silver dollar – Silver Dollar City – one of the most attractive options for our vacation packages to Brensane because it opens up a historical look at the Ozark culture of the 19th century. From amusement rides to Kraft, Silver Dollar City – is a fun way to experience the past. Silver Dollar City Employees wear the traditional clothing of the 19th century, giving anyone visiting the sights of this unique real feeling.

Known to many as the "Las Vegas Family" vacation in Missouri Brensane have almost the same type of lights and excitement, as the American sin, but as a family. Without casinos and gambling you do not need to worry about is to expose children to the fact that you do not like it. Tourism in this city was founded by the family experience.

nightlife – You will not need to worry about how to entertain something & # 39; th evening. Branson vacations give millions kantsertsmenav opportunity to see some of the best American musicians on the stage. The famous Theater of the Grand Palace to the Dixie Stampede, Dolly Parton, Branson – it is a way to experience live entertainment.

vacation packages to Brensane also planning a trip. Rather than arrange accommodations and entertainment separately, holiday packages Brensane allows you to book a route with a simple purchase. Even better, they can save you a sura & # 39; serious money!

Why look anywhere else for your next family trip? Rest in Brensane gives you everything you need and ensure that your family & # 39; I would have fun together. Check out a variety of vacation packages and all your family & # 39; I know that it's time to have some fun!

Wine tour – the first American wine country

The rich tradition of wine making in America began sur & # 39; ozna in the 1800s, when European immigrants brought their skills in different areas of the country unsettled. In just a few decades before California and other west coast of the country of production were settled, many eastern and north-western states wine industry flourished. In the 1830s a group of German immigrants entered the valley of the Missouri River, just west of St. Louis, near the present town of Hermann, Missouri.

These early settlers celebrated as topography and climate of the valley of the river resembled their native areas of Germany and Switzerland. In particular, the different varieties of grapes grown on the slopes of the surrounding German, which made the founding fathers and leaders of cities to encourage further cultivation and eventually wine. In a few short years, a prolific grape harvest has merged with the skills of wine-growers with solutions and & # 39; was born the first American wine region.

After the ban of the production of wine has become viable again, and since the 1960s in Missouri opened more than 75 wineries. Located on a 20-kilometer stretch, the wine region just over an hour from St. Louis boasts historic villages and seven wineries. People who love wine trails and wine travel, attracts a variety of reasons, not least among them – winning wines and spectacular scenery.

Missouri has long been known for deep, rich red wines, which are typically made from traditional grape varieties such as Norton and Shamburtsyn. Wineries in this region use this native grape varieties to develop award-Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Burgundy. But these wineries – it's not all red, so winemakers on this wine trail also produce clean and delightfully fresh styles such as ryling and shardoneli.

Visiting Central Missouri wine trail usually begins with the visit of St. Louis. From St. Louis Drive west on Interstate 44 to Highway 100 Missouri, continuing on Highway 100 twenty miles to the city of New Haven. This charming village with a & # 39 is the eastern edge of wine trails and a & # 39 is home to the historic vineyards and winemaking Robller, from which a magnificent view over the valley of the Missouri River.

To the west of New Haven and on the road to Germany was the winery "Bamaryta almond tree," a family winery estate, which produces sweet awarded the port, among other proposals. A few miles to the west – Vineyards and Winery Bias, located on an area of ​​64 acres of the farm, which employs mikrapivaravarnya and winery, only the 2nd such operation in the United States. Do not forget to try Bias & # 39; River Blush Rouge, easy to clean glow.

When they reached the area of ​​Hermann, you will discover four blooming wineries offering wine to try Missouri. Wineries Stone Stone, Oakglenn, Adam Puchta and Hermannhof offer wine tasting, wine tours, and scenic views. Take time to savor the proposals in each. Among those we particularly liked were sharp Shamburtsyn with Okglena Vidal Blanc and the Stone Hill. Stone Hill and Hermannhof – it is other required stop, not only for its excellent wines, but also for the historical conditions.

The western end of the wine trails are designated scenic town of Hermann, Missouri. It is a city that you really like – historic architecture, local restaurants and specialty shops. It is the perfect place to spend the night and take part in one of their many local activities, several devoted to the enjoyment of wine. In addition to fitness, which is within you, Herman also known for its easy access to bike paths Kathy, which winds through the valley of the Missouri River.

Jesse James – a libertine, who haunts the Old West

Jesse James is the pseudonym of George. Frank Dalton, was probably the most famous outlaw of the American West. Jesse's father – his father was a Baptist minister and a popular slave farmers in Clay County, Missouri. Jesse, who was born September 5, 1847 in Kearney, Missouri, was a charismatic, exceeding harmful life guy who captured the imagination of the country, which was looking for anti-heroes.

In the district where he grew up, most of the guys went to the bush as a partisan Confederates during the Civil War. Jesse and his brother Frank were no different. They learned the art of sabotage and guerrilla warfare with psychopathic killers, such as Will Clark and qualia "Bloody Bill" Anderson.

After four years of riding with Kvantrelam and fight for the Confederacy during the Civil War, Jesse and his brother Frank James formed a gang James-Younger. In the early years of their gang was known for its daring robbery of trains and banks. Ironically, their first attempted bank robbery in Liberty, Missouri, in February 1866, was a complete failure. There were a lot of victims. However, after that quickly changed.

Jesse has decided a number of remarkably successful robberies, since banks know in advance plans. He was an expert on daylight scaring people robbed. Over 16 years on the loose, he made dozens of daring robberies.

Not all criminals – fighters, but it was not so with Jesse James. While some called him a figure of Robin Hood, he was actually killed at least a dozen people. At age 26, after a courtship of his first cousin Zerelday Mimsy, for ten years, he married her April 24, 1874, and tried to get. By the time most of his gang were either arrested or dead. He felt that there are only two people who he can trust – Charlie and Robert Ford.

Thus he allowed Ford brothers to move with his family & # 39; it. It was the biggest mistake that Jesse ever made. Robert Ford shot Jesse in the back of the head, and Jesse cleaning dusty picture hanging on the wall. Originally Jesse was buried on the farm where he grew up in Kearney, Missouri. From now on it is called "Farm and Museum" Jesse James.

Farm James is said to be haunted. For over 100 years people have seen how light travels in the building after the close it. They heard shots and cries of people. And in the misty morning, if you listen closely, you can hear the murmur of voices and the sound of horses neighing.